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Natural Dye Class at West Coast Craft

$ 25.00

We are hosting a Natural Dye Pop-up at West Coast Craft's first ever LA show!  On Saturday, December 7th and Sunday, December 8th we will have vats of a combination of locally sourced natural materials, food waste and other natural dyes. 

Each session will last 30 minutes and you will get general natural dye information and will dye a pre-mordanted market bag or pair of socks.  

Saturday:  Thumbs up Flowers will join us and will be bringing broken flowers for bundle dyes... while supplies last!  If bundle dye is your thing sign up early Saturday!

Sunday:  In the afternoon starting at 3pm you can bring your own items from home to dye until the vats are exhausted.  

The class fee of $30 (special pre-book cost is $25 if you register now) will include either a pair of Jungmaven Hemp/Cotton Socks or a Mesh Market Bag that you will get to dye yourself.  (Additional socks & bags will be available for sale for the day of the event - depending on availability)

East/West Surplus Crop Tees and Unisex Tees will also be available for dye for $45 or an upcharge of $15.

Hope to see you there!

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